Eric Bauer Marketing, "The times, they are a changin"

Sales representatives are by nature, social creatures. No one works a room better than a sales professional. Requirements for success include excellent communication skills and the ability to get in front of your customers.


While those may be natural abilities, the fact is the arena in which we all do business has completely changed over the past few years. No longer just having great lines and the ability to entertain, result in consistent sales success. Time or the lack of it, has become our greatest challenge and generally speaking, sales representatives continue to operate with the same "M.O." that proved successful a decade ago (or longer), rather than utilize new methods, time-saving methods to stay in front of their customers today.


The first step is to go where the people are. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, to name a few. To have a true "pulse" on your respective territory, follow each of your customer's and potential customer's social media professional sites.  Interacting with clients utilizing a variety of social media channels will earn you more appointments and more sales than you dreamed possible. Communicating with your customers and potential customers with visual and dramatic eNEWSletters in each of their respective inboxes will get their attention, while respecting their time. EVERYONE is doing their respective jobs differently than in the past. For those in sales, your job is to become less "sales" focused and more "marketing" focused. It is our philosophy that marketing creates the infrastructure through which orders can and will flow if the foundation is strong.




 Over the years, Our Getting E_Smart & E_Social programs have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of sales consulting.  Our unparalleled advice, backed by experience and hands-on expertise, sets us apart from all other sales & marketing consulting companies.

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To gain a better understanding of what we do - and what we can do for you - have a look at some of our reference projects for past and current clients.


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